Social xFolk

Social xFolk is my first Greasemonkey script that looks for xFolk microformatted bookmarks and adds two buttons for easy bookmarking for and ma.gnolia. It was developed at SuperHappyDevHouse14 and inspired by the greasemonkey script Google hCalendar.
Anyways, get the script here. Be sure to leave any feedback and let me know what you think.

Test it here:
If it works you should see two buttons below the bookmark. Mah blawg!

3 Replies to “Social xFolk”

  1. Microformats have changed the way i surf in a very positive way because whenever i see one , i think of Nick Peters. I think ill refer to them as Npformats from now on.

  2. Good stuff, Nick – it’s great to see a very practical use of xFolk, and one that’s simple to use. When I come across posts like yours, I can really feel the traction that microformats is gaining.

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