Fix for CodeIgniter White Screen on Bluehost

This past weekend I spent writing an application using the CodeIgniter framework for my programming languages class.  Sunday night I finally got it working and it was time to move it to production on bluehost.  After I made created the database and made some configuration changes I checked it out and I got nothing.  It was a white page of nothing.  I checked my logs and found nothing.  Normally this wouldn’t be such an issue, but when you have nothing in your logs, then you don’t have much to work with.  I looked at the source of the blank page and found this: “<!– SHTML Wrapper – 500 Server Error –>.”  Still not a lot to work with.

Today I spent some time investing the issue and found out that a lot of people were having the issue, but I didn’t find any fixes.  Long story short the fix was to enable FastCGI PHP5 on Bluehost.  When I did that an error finally appeared on the screen! Apparently I misspelled my database name >_<.

Anyway, if you’re having the same issue, let me know if this fix worked for you.

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  1. I was facing this issue with Bluehost & enabling FastCGI fixed the issue for me. Strangely, I read at another link that disable FastCGI if it is already enabled. But enabling FastCGI fixed the problem.


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