Most listened to music of the year

According to, this is the final count of the bands I listened to the most this year.

  1. Nine Inch Nails (528 Plays) – Nine Inch Nails is and has been one of my favorite bands for about 13 years now. NIN has always been the goto band for me for when I don’t feel like listening to anything else. This year I finally got around to actually listening to Year Zero. I was not enthusiastic about this CD when it first came out, but after seeing them live at the Santa Barbara Bowl this year, I finally got around to listening to it and love it! I actually found that it made for good running music! On top of that, I rediscovered what has to be one of my favorite albums: The Fragile. This CD is up there with Dark Side of the Moon in terms of replayability.
  2. NOFX (431 Plays) – Another one of goto bands when I don’t feel like listening to anything else. NOFX has been another one of my favorite bands for about 11 years now and I’m still not tired of them. This year they release coaster which has been in regular rotation in my library. This summer in particular I have also been re-listening to a lot of their albums when I went on my runs.
  3. The Appleseed Cast (329 Plays) – The Appleseed Cast have been one of my favorite bands of recent times. This year they released Sagarmatha which I absolutely feel in love with. The first track “As The Little Things Go” has to be my favorite track of the year. I will hopefully get to see them live for the first time in 2010.
  4. Placebo (291 Plays) – Again, another one of my favorite bands that I started to around 9 years ago. This year they released “Battle for the Sun” and did it without their original drummer Steven Hewitt. Despite his absense, Placebo released this slightly popier sounding album, but still staying true to their original sound. I have yet to see this band live; this needs to change!
  5. Muse (203 Plays) – This year muse released “The Resistance”, but I’ve also been rediscovering their CDs such as “Origin of Symmetry” and “Absolution”. I also recently watched the movie “Southland Tales” (which I won’t go into here), but it featured the song “Blackout” off of Absolution that I really never listened to. Holy crap what a great track!
  6. Asobi Seksu (181 Plays) – This band is a Japanese/American Indie/Pop band that I admit is a guilty pleasure. This year I’ve been listening to their self-titled album and “Citrus” mostly. This year they came out with the CD “Hush,” but it hasn’t gotten as much playtime as the other two albums from me.
  7. Pixies (163 Plays) – I had my pixies phase around six years ago. I think now was the time to come back and check out my old favorites. Not much to say here really.
  8. Steve Aoki (148 Plays) – Introduced to me randomly by a friend in SLO in August, Steve Aoki has been a running favorite this year.  Steve Aoki kind of reminds me of Girl Talk which I probably listened to A LOT last year.
  9. The Protomen (142 Plays) – The concept of a rock opera based on the Mega Man video game series just cannot fail. I was a big fan of the first act, but when act II came out, I listened to both acts back to back. Both CDs have a unique feel to them; the first act is more inspired by the videogame series (with a hint of Ennio Morricone) while the second act follows up with a sound inspired by the 80s.  Someone needs to turn these albums into an anime!
  10. Pink Floyd (140 Plays) – Pink Floyd is not one of those bands where you pick and choose their greatest hits. Instead when you listen to Pink Floyd, you listen to them an entire album at a time. In particular I remember listening to The Wall, Animals, and Dark Side of the Moon this year.

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